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At LCMS we are looking forward to a great 2017-2018 school year! Posted below are links that may be helpful!





Red Ribbon Week Update

We had a great Red Ribbon Week

and collected 239 toothbrushes to place in Thanksgiving care packages for needy families.

Below you can see some of our great doors!

photo 1

Don’t Get Wrapped Up In Drugs

photo 2

There Are No Monsters In Our Heads!

Don’t be afraid to close the door on drugs!

Red Ribbon Week

Next week we will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week.

We are also asking that our students bring in toothbrushes next week. These toothbrushes, along with items from other organizations will be added to care packages that will be distributed to local families in need around the holidays.

By clicking on the link below you can see how we will be celebrating a drug free life each day next week!

RRW 2015

Rising 6th Grader Visit

On May 18th at 9 am, Long County Middle School will be hosting a visit for our future 6th graders and their parents.

During this visit, students will learn about the different clubs and sports they can participate in! Students will also get to hear from current 6th students and tour classrooms.

Parents will learn about the various organizations they can be a member of and ways to stay involved with their middle school student.

Georgia Milestones

This school year Georgia is implementing a new standardized examination called Milestones.

This exam will replace the CRCT exam.

You can find out more information on Milestones by visiting the Long County School System webpage.


30% of students in the Long County School System will be required to take the Milestones exam online. In 5 years 100% of students will test online. To practice with the tools available on the online exam you can visit


Anti-Bullying Week

This week at LCMS our Beta Club is sponsoring an anti-bullying week! Be sure to encourage your child to participate!

-November 5th- “Bullies aren’t Bright”-Wear neon

-November 6th-”Stomp Out Bullying”- Wear boots

-November 7th-”Put a Cap on Bullying”- Wear a hat

-November 10th– “Suspend Bullying”– Wear Suspenders

All week bring canned goods to donate to show that

“we CAN stop bullying!”

 Be thinking about what you can do to end bullying and share your ideas on the unity banner in the cafeteria!

Red Ribbon Week

This week at Long County Middle School our students have been participating in Red Ribbon Week.

Red Ribbon Week is a way for people to unite and take a visible stand against drugs. According to the National Red Ribbon Campaign, The Red Ribbon Campaign was started when drug traffickers in Mexico City murdered DEA agent Kiki Camarena in 1985. This began the continuing tradition of displaying Red Ribbons as a symbol of intolerance towards the use of drugs.

This week, our students have had the opportunity to participate in dress-up days, sign a pledge to be drug-free, and decorate their homeroom doors.

Our 6th grade door winner: "We CANDY-cline Drugs"
Our 6th grade door winner: “We CANDY-cline Drugs”
Our 7th grade door winner: "Who You Gonna Call? Dope Busters!"
Our 7th grade door winner: “Who You Gonna Call? Dope Busters!”

photo 3



Our 8th grade home room winner: "We're Staying Alive Without Drugs!"
Our 8th grade door winner: “We’re Staying Alive Without Drugs!”

Our pledge to be drug free!

Our pledge to be drug-free!